About GetWPBuild

We are a collective of graphic and web designers, web developers, system administrators and marketing experts. We build websites for restaurants and winery owners primary but if you are a home constructor, a travel organization or a restaurant or winery supplier we can build for you a website as well.

With wide range of expertise with our professionals, we can build a website using only a sketch you provide to us, or a web design from your designer. We have also our web designers that can produce pixel perfect website designs, ready for our web developers to build.

Usual procedure for getting website built for a client is that a client provide to us the content and domain name, then we are starting to build the website for a client. All our client’s websites are hosted on high speed cloud servers, usually located close to a client’s location, so a client get a website with high speed.

We build websites from a packages and pricing provided on this page but we build also custom websites and web apps.

Our expertise are following but not limited to:

WordPress, PHP frameworks, Shopping Carts, SPA Apps, PHP, MySQL, NoSQL, Javascript, NodeJs, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap, Hybrid Mobile Apps, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, SEO.

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